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Basic Information

The Department of Electrical Power Engineering contributes teaching theoretical and practical knowledges in the research, development and application of classical and modern technologies of production, transmission, distribution and consumption of electricity. The studies include fields of electric power systems, distribution networks, electrical machines, drives and inverters, conventional and renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, plant design, installation and power facilities, and the application of computer technology in electrical power engineering.

The main objective of the Department is to provide future Bachelor and Master engineers with knowledges which can be immediately applied in practice after graduating.

The studies are organized on the first and second cycle of academic studies (Bachelor and Master). Department offers its students twenty-compulsory and elective courses in the field of electrical engineering. Students have the option of choosing several elective courses and choosing their final thesis, and therefore participating in designing their future career. The Department continuosly supports its graduated engineers and masters in their proffesional career.

Lectures and exercises at the Department are performed by own teachers and assistants, supported by visiting professors from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade and Faculty of Electrical Engineering in East Sarajevo. Laboratories of the Department are in the continuous process of modernization, but a part of the schooling is organized in cooperation with experts from the power companies in their facilities and at their installations.

Members of the Department are the scientific core for research in the field of electrical engineering at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Banja Luka. Members and associates of the Department, along with students, participate in professional projects with different companies, as well as in the organization of scientific and professional conferences, seminars and training.

Graduate and master thesis of our students, results in in student competitions, papers published in leading journals and conferences, had attracted great attention from local and international experts.


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Republika Srpska
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