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Historical Overview

The decision on the establishment of the Department of Electrical Power Engineering was made immediately after end of the war in former Yugoslavia. The first lectures were held in the winter semester of 1997 as five years curriculum which was identical as on the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade. The lectures were mostly professors from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade. In the first generation enrolled 15 students who were all scholarship holders and who immediately after graduation found a job in Republic of Srpska. Postgraduate studies began in 1999, and the first doctoral thesis was defended at the Department in 2002.

The establishment of the Department largely helped Elektroprivreda RS and its former subsidiaries Elektroprenos, Elektrokrajina and Hhydroelectric Power Plant on the river Vrbas. Elektroprivreda RS immediately after the establishment of the Department donated a large laboratory for power systems - lab Microgrid.

Along with the establishment of the Department, Department of Power Engineering was formed. The first head of the department with full time employment at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Banja Luka was assist. prof. dr. Miloš Milanković. Under the guidance of prof. Milanković, the Department received the first significant equipment for laboratory exercises in subjects related to electrical machines, and first steps towards cooperation with regional companies were made.

Department continuously modernizes the curricula, both at the level of the Department, and the Faculty, following the best practices from universities in the region and the world, primarily from Electrical Engineering in Belgrade and the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad.

We are grateful to all professors and associates who have greatly contributed to the growth and development of our Department. Among them are:

  • Dr Nikola Rajaković
  • Dr Milenko Đurić
  • Dr Zlatan Stojković
  • Dr Zoran Radojević
  • Dr Ivan Škokljev
  • Dr Čedomir Vujović
  • Dr Siniša Zubić
  • Dr Miloš Milanković
  • Dr Milan Zečević
  • Dr Stojan Nikolajević
  • Dr Zoran Milićević
  • Dr Branko Milosavljević
  • Dr Gojko Savanović
  • Dr Miloš Abadžić
  • Dr Dragan Petrović
  • Dr Radovan Radosavljević
  • Dr Slobodan Vukosavić
  • Dr Dejan Raca
  • Dr Mićo Gaćanović
  • Mr Goran Đukić
  • Mr Aleksandar Savić
  • Mr Nebojša Arsenijević
  • Mr Goran Mitrić
  • Mr Seka Kuzmanović
  • Mr Miodrag Simović
  • M. Sc. Eng. Nemanja Kitić
  • Zoran Milošević, dipl. eng
  • Mladenko Đaković, dipl. eng
  • Vladimir Krnajski, dipl. eng
  • Predrag Tepavčević, dipl. eng
  • Saša Šćekić, dipl. eng
  • Nikola Đoković, dipl. eng
  • Mladen Zec, dipl. eng


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